What do you mean by “Be Like Yoga”?

What gives the title to this blog, “Be Like Yoga” is a concept that got into my mind slowly as I started to practise yoga more regularly, at the very end of 2015. Actually it will be my anniversary in like a week  🙂

As I explained in another post, the time when I started yoga was a difficult period for me due to a mix of reasons – like we say in Spain “Misfortunes never come alone”, so it was one of those!

Anyway, the fact is that during that time I was often feeling quite nervous, anxious, worried about the future of a number of aspects in my life. Yoga helped me to relax on a physical level, which led to reach that much-needed calm to my mind as well (or maybe it was just the tiredness??).

As I went along with the practise, the poses… I realised of something meaningful: By learning and appreciating the values needed in yoga practise, I observed that the body qualities required to improve in yoga as a discipline – such as being strong, flexible, balanced, patient… were the same that I also had to work on in my mind, in order to sail through the problems of my life, and the negative feelings that those involved.

Crow pose combines strength with balance

Those qualities are all yoga and life related…. and very often, it all comes down to the same nature.

Be Strong, to hold on the storms of life

Be Flexible, to adapt to the inevitable life twists

Be Balanced, to avoid falling into excesses and losing your path

Be Accepting, to know where you (and others) are at a given time… and be okay with it

Be Courageous, because fear is part of any learning process when being out of our comfort zones

Be Patient, to let time follow its natural flow

Be Determined, because most of the best things require committed effort

Be Focused,  because life has many distractions that can take you away of what you want

All that combined leads to the graceful, balanced, symmetrical, powerful and beautiful result that yoga (life) is.

I don’t want to get super deep, it is not that yoga “gave me the answers” to all my problems, but it kind of guided me through and brought me peace.

Everything can be “trained” with enough effort and commitment. We can be stronger as we go through some pain, more flexible with enough time and effort, more balanced after falling down, or more accepting in life as we learn to trust the timing of things… Just like we have done on our yoga mat.

Same as in the yoga journey, the destiny in life is often inside – and it is all about commitment, practise and perseverance.

8 thoughts on “What do you mean by “Be Like Yoga”?

  1. Eva!!! I started with yoga two months ago as you, i was nervous and it is helping me a lot..congratulations for the blog!!petonets


    1. Hi Piluca! Really?? That’s great to know, welcome to the club hehe I’m happy to know you find it helpful, if there are any specific topics you would prefer to read about, please let me know! All ideas are welcome! xx


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