Fitness mix and match to fight the winter laziness

After all my rambling about trying to be healthy and fit, I must confess that the winter months completely killed my motivation to leave the house and cycle to my yoga studio once I arrive home from work…  It is too cold, too dark, I feel too tired to do the effort.

It is lazy, I know. But sometimes it is good to be kind to yourself and listen to what your laziness has to say… What is it? Don’t wanna leave the house? Okay then, stay in and work out here instead.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Xmas left me with an extra kilo or two (that I am still trying to get rid of). I actually checked and I’m the same weight I was when I started my 2015 fitness challenge, so some specific butt workouts were in order too, apart from yoging at home!

Mixing and matching plans work great for me because, while I need some structure to exercise, I also like to freedom to choose what to do depending on how I feel on the day. So here is the achievable I came out with to ‘work out dat ass’ this January, without having to leave the house 🙂

Choose 4 style variations per session and do 4 sets per style with 10 repetitions per set, so a total of 40 repetitions of each style. I normally do 10 reps of each style for 4 times, resting or doing some yoga play in between sets. It takes about 30-40 mins depending on how long the breaks are.

Here are the 4 main styles that I tend to choose from, all focused on tights and butt which are my “weak” areas:

Squats and Lunges – with variations narrow, wide,  jumping, slow-mode or with weights (so 10 style options in total for the price of two!)


Bridge – both single and lifting the legs alternatively (10 reps per leg here, do not cheat!)


Weights, deadlifts and swings – Mine is 10kg but you could use heavy books instead



Kicks – donkey or extended leg, with low, high  or extended arms (again, 10 reps per leg)


Finally… If you still have some energy left, spent at least 30 seconds in plank pose, which is one of the best ways of waking up that body and firm up all the muscles!


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