5 eating tips that have nothing to do with what you eat

People don’t like to be told what to do. Following “a diet” is normally a pain for everyone, even the idea of “clean eating” is not that attractive for many people. So here are a few ideas to eat healthier without having to change what’s on the menu.

Portions portions portions

This is one of the sacred tips in my opinion. We are used to eat more than we need to. It is not our fault… supermarkets, restaurants, our environment prepares us meals almost double the size, without bearing in mind our gender, height or metabolism.

The hand diet is a quick, easy way to be aware of how much food our body really needs. Our belly adapts to more or less food, so while cutting down our portion might be difficult at the beginning, shortly after that (right) amount of food will make us feel satisfied.

Eat slowly

This tip will basically help your brain to send signals to your belly on time, before you eat double the calories you really need. This is something that really helped me, as I tend to eat super-fast when I’m hungry. I also don’t like feeling a bit hungry after a meal, something that can happen when cutting your portions. In this sense, eating slowly really helps because it allows your body to realise the food is actually there, you just need to wait a few minutes to feel full.

Something I read once and I found interesting in this sense was “eat as if someone was observing you”. Would you eat like if there is no tomorrow, or eat nice and elegantly?

Chicken, spices, veggies and… Voilà!

Cook healthy

Okay, eat what you want, but choose healthier methods than frying, basically. There are many ways in which you can cook for your food not to taste too boring. Oven bags are a nice idea to prepare juicy food without much fat on it. Meat, veggies, herbs, spices… simply put your mix in the bag, shake it and let it cook slowly in the oven. The juices will mix nicely and you will have a yummy meal with very little effort.

Aside from the oven magic, other options here are boiling, poaching, grilling or even microwaving. Think outside the frying box and start using other ways. They also make it easier to wash up afterwards, which is another plus!

Eat at least 2 hours before bed

Having dinner at least two hours before going to bed is recommended by most professionals in nutrition. Doing this not only allows your body to digest it while being awake, and therefore have a better night sleep; but also makes you eat less, by having one bigger meal after a day’s work – instead of a snack plus a big meal.

Drink water

We are made of water, or at least 70% of our body is. Drinking water throughout the day not only is helpful for our weight and body functions, but also helps us to keep a healthier mindset about our own well-being.

European recommendations suggest 1.6L of fluid per day for women (about 8 200ml glasses) and 2L  of fluid per day for men (about 10 200ml glasses). As well as we cleaning ourselves in the outside, cleaning our inside is also necessary and much easier with a regular water intake.

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