About Comparison – The grass is greener where you water it

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Most of us know this saying, which exists in many languages as well, so I reckon it is a common thought: things look better, brighter in other people’s life, not in ours.

Comparing ourselves to others is a very common thing, especially in Western societies where materialism and individualism are at peak. This is something most of us have done at some point in our lives, or maybe every day in our lives. We compare our status to our neighbours, friends, relatives, colleagues, we look at their best and compare it to our worst, and obviously the sight is not very nice if we only focus on that biased perspective of things.


“The grass is always greener where you water it”. The other day I came across this quote on Instagram and it made me think about how true that is. As much as we compare ourselves to others, the best way of achieving our full potential is to “water our own grass”.

Instead of looking away and lamenting our reality, chances are that our “lacking” improves quicker by proactively working on it with an open heart.

Focusing on ourselves not only alleviates the pressure of comparing our life to others, but also increases our chances of achieving want we long. A fitter body, a job promotion, a nicer house, a lovelier relationship, a successful business, a busier social life, a nice holiday… Almost everything is possible if it only depends on us and our effort.

This can be seen often in yoga progress. Since yoga is not a competitive exercise, no one wins or loses, you just focus on your own journey and soon start to see the fruit of your labour.

At the end of the day, the secret of the neighbour’s shiny grass must be due to daily love and effort, same old recipe for success we all know.

So here is a thought for the week – Let’s forget about the other side of the fence. Think about the grass you would like to be greener and start of looking at ways of watering it day by day.

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