Be Resilient – That ‘burn’ will reshape you


Here is another quote that gives me an excuse to talk about a BeLikeYoga-type of post. When I was only starting yoga I used to read interviews from yogis I admired. One of them mentioned how our body needs time to get used to the new postures, until it is able to reproduce them.

It was said from a physical point of view, but I couldn’t help to think about this metaphor from a physiological perspective as well.

When practising new and challenging asanas (or any other exercise for that matter), our muscles are in shock at first, over-worked, not used to the effort and in pain. Hence, the famous post-workout stiffness when we cannot hardly move. As any sports-person will know, the muscles need to rest and being feed in order to grow properly.

Sorry I don’t remember who it was, but I took a screenshot!

“The very things that look the most painful are simply reshaping me”

When going through a specific challenging time, our minds work similarly. At first, we are in shock, not used to that new situation… in pain. We need time to adjust, to feed ourselves (our minds that it), to get used to the new reality and to be able to cope with it. In order to move on despite the adversities.

This is the “burn” feeling mentioned in the interview. It is physical as well as mental. Let it be, hold on… because that very pain is transforming you into a stronger, more capable version of yourself. It happens often during any big life changing event, from having a baby, to losing someone we love.

The good news is that once the burning is over, all that learning stays within us. Even if the challenge hasn’t changed, we are able to continue, and eventually smile, be happy and enjoy life again. We are all born fighters, ready to survive. The sun will shine again 🙂

Tali Sharot puts it in an interesting Ted Talk about how we are all inner optimists. And that tendency is what helps us go through life and keep going (and succeed!) despite the odds not always being our favour.

If you are going through a particularly tough time, do not despair in the face of adversity. Remember that the ‘burn’ will pass and life will be good again – never stop being an optimist, everything will be okay 🙂

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