Food test – Giving up red meat

My trip to Argentina left me great memories, but also a bit of indigestion due to all the red meat meals available there.

Before my trip I was already playing up with the idea of cutting down on meat and replacing it with fish or meals 100% veggie at least once a day. However, I was not completely resolute on this idea until I came back from Argentina.

After having too much red meat and feeling my stomach was not taking that too well, I thought that stopping my red meat intake once I went back to the UK was the perfect idea.

So… on day 1 after our holiday, we went to the supermarket determined to load our trolley with a variety of vegetables, fruit, grains, fish and white meat.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy on the fruit and veg!

Step no 1: shop healthy

If you go to a big enough supermarket, there is so much choice that, as long as you don’t step on the red meat aisle, there is no need to even miss it!

There is great variety of fish and white meat these days, not to mention veggies and grains. Treat yourself and buy as many as you fancy, veggies can last long, and fish or white meat can be stored in the freezer until you use them. The key to eat them is to have them in your fridge in the first place.

Filling up your shopping trolley of healthy options not only benefits your body ,but also your wallet. Something I noticed after shopping this way is that the final bill was a lot cheaper when taking out all the pricey red meat options. Win Win!

Food is at home, now what?

  • Use up all that goodness and mix and match your options. It is recommended to ensure you eat proteins, carbs and minerals on each meal. Looking at a plate, this means a portion of fish/white meat/eggs, veggies (raw or roasted), and grains every time.
  • Get into the kitchen and use your imagination to create yummy combinations. Take advantage of different types of cooking to make it easier to yourself – oven, microwave, blender… mixing the carbs with the veg in a fry up is a tasty way of having them together.
  • Cooking different foods in one go also helps to have ready-to-go options available for future meals, which is perfect when feeling a bit lazy or too busy.

So far, this is working great for me and my partner. Because we keep eating meat, we don’t really feel we are lacking anything.

Also, feeding ourselves with poultry and fish (plus veg and grains) makes me feel a lot lighter and avoid gaining weight as quickly -even if I’m not exercising as much on a specific given period.

Plus, as with everything in life, it is important to avoid being to rigid. This means that if you are in a pub and you fancy a good beef burger, go for it with no regrets!

What matters is what you do on a regular basis and what shapes your daily life routine.

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