Be Persistent – It’s a process, change takes time

This BeLikeYoga post might sound similar to the one about Patience. However, the difference is that being persistent normally involves something we can do directly, whereas patience is something we need to practise when things are out of our own control.

Persistence is something essential in yoga, as well as in any physical discipline that requires training and repetition to achieve results. The harder our goal is to achieve, the more persistence will be required.

No wonder that some of the top Instagram yoga tags are #practicepracticepractice, #practiceandalliscoming or #practicemakesperfect

Any inversion asana is a good example for this. Finding your strength and balance while being upside-down is something challenging at first, and demands much practise and dedication.

Persistence is just the quality that allows us to keep going, stay focused, humble and work for what we want.

It's a process, change takes time

In life, being persistence is also required. Popular quotes already hint this with sayings such as “Nothing really worth having is easy to get”.

It might sound a bit exasperating though. Does everything worth having really needs to be hard to get? Does life needs to be always such hard work?

I’m not trying to answer this question here, and I think there are things that are great and come easily, without huge efforts – and what a bliss that is!

However, most of the long term achievements that require evolution, adaptation and change (such as relationships, businesses… or handstands!) do require big amounts of persistence. It is easy to give up when things don’t come out as we want them, or as fast as we want them, but with the right faith and dedication, most of us can reach our goals eventually.

Same as we can do a headstand after enough goodwill and practise, we can pursue our life goals following the same recipe.

Sure, things are easier to achieve when they only depend on ourselves rather than on other people, but persistence is something that is always within our power. As long as we remember why we are persisting for and what it means to us, we will find the energy to pursue it.

Remember #practiceandalliscoming


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