A summer of little yoga (and not that much running)

Hello there!

This is the anti-fit post, because as much as I like to write about yoga and exercise, the truth is that this summer has not been the fittest for me, despite being very much fun.

More social plans, less Instagram challenges and the half marathon approaching fast (it’s actually next week!) left me doing yoga classes about 2-3 times a month, which is the least I’ve done since I started practising.

This (particularly) busy summer also ‘forced’ me to run less than I should have for the 13.1 miles that awaits for me next 24th of Sept. Or better said, I have prioritised spending time with friends and family that decided to come and visit the UK, rather than training as much as I planned.

We are responsible for our actions and, in this instance, I decided to enjoy of my loved ones when the occasion arose, at the expense of getting a bit unfit and potentially finishing the half marathon walking.

Running with my oldest friend visiting 🙂

Am I worried? Not really.

At least not for the yoga part. Yoga has always been an enjoyment not an obligation. And despite feeling a bit guilty, I don’t feel less of a yogi for having slowed down my practise recently. Not that I consider myself that much of a “yogi” anyway – plus I think I’m too inconsistent to earn that title now!

The unexpected changes that have calmed down my life, also calmed my mind and allowed me to chill out more and pressure myself less. And I’m finding this quite healthy to be honest.

I’m slightly worried about the running bit though. Not for figure or aesthetic reasons, but purely because running 13.1 miles is a lot, and I want to make sure I don’t die trying. Last time I did a half marathon, I trained a lot, and the actual race day went okay, despite the exhausting last 5 miles. However, back then I also ended up very fed up with running due to the committed training I went through, which led me to stop running for over a year after I accomplished the big run day in 2h 20min (including one stop to the WC!)

This time, run training has not been that committed, neither frequent. Instead, I had enjoyable long-ish but far apart runs 1-2 times a week, hoping that at least I will build some resistance. I will let you know how that goes!

Despite prioritising running now due to the big day coming up next week, I’m not much of a runner myself. I prefer yoga. So what I really, really want, is for the crazy summer and the half to be over, and the calm and quiet autumn to arrive. So I can go back to the cozy “normality” of yoga classes as and when I can/feel. Without pressures, shoulds or musts.

Slowing down in yoga and realising I’m not really worried about it, actually came as good news for me.

I guess I don’t feel less of a “yogi” because I am certain my relationship with yoga is now strong enough to slow it down when necessary, and take it up again when I’m ready. Like an old friendship, or any long-lasting thing in life.

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