Four health resolutions for 2019

Happy 2019, my dear friends!

I normally have some vague resolutions for the new year (last year it was kindness), intentions I want to keep in mind but that I don’t want to overstress about.

Small changes are easier than big ones when it comes to new habits, so here are my 2019 mini health goals:

1.🌱Eat less meat – I’m hopeless when I eat out but pretty good when cooking at home. So my aim is to buy (and cook) more fish and zero red meat for all our home meals. Plus being fully veggie maybe 1 or 2 days a week.

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2.🏃‍♀️Move more everyday – I already tried this for the last two months and enjoyed of the benefits of walking. So taking the train at a further station or skipping transport for short distances do the trick quite easily to get to 10,000 steps on a “lazy” day.

3.🌜Sleep more – For a night owl like me, I guess that one is about being better organised and more disciplined at night, and drag myself to bed at 11pm max.

4.📱Be less smartphone addicted – I got a lot better by making our bedroom a smartphone free zone more than a year ago. But I still can waste countless minutes on social media out of boredom, so my goal is to avoid multi-tasking with the phone. As the Zen proverb goes… “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

…And with these intentions, my friends, I got started this beautiful new year.
Here is to a happy 2019 for everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Four health resolutions for 2019

  1. I should definitely follow suit on some of these. More sleep!!!
    Also the “when walking, walk. when eating, eat” thing is so simple but so important…I’m definitely guilty of constantly multitasking and I’m sure I’d be more productive overall if I just did one thing (well) at a time!

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    1. Same here! Lack of sleep has always been my aquiles heel (healthwise).
      I’m happy that you liked that quote, it’s simple but meaningful, it’s so easy to be constantly distracted these days with all the screens…!


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