Back to yoga at home with Alo Moves

Hola hola!

After two months of laziness, I’ve been back on the mat (aka my carpet) this week, as I’m testing @alo.moves at home, the app from Alo Yoga that features many of the famous #instayogis doing online classes.

The truth is that I’m liking it so far, even if it’s out of curiosity, to see how these insta “celebs” do yoga in real life.

I’ve started with flexibility series with Talia Sutra, shoulder and chest openings yesterday and hips today. I didn’t break a sweat yet but one thing is for sure, my body is already feeling the pain! Flexibility exercises are appealing me much more than strength recently, I guess my practise is evolving and I’m less fussed about the fancy poses – or maybe just getting old?

And yes, couldn’t help to take a few silly pics 😆 I find it so distracting though, and a little bit narcissistic too… But there you go, if there’s no photo it didn’t happen, right?! 😉

Namasté my friends, have a lovely week xxx

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