A little hello, a Merry Xmas… and a LONG update!

Hello my friends!

I know I’ve been very quiet since August. Sorry for the radio silence!

I guess the “blog crisis” explained in the July post Re-shaping BeLikeYoga is still there. However, there are some projects in the horizon, looks like some of the clouds are dissipating and things are taking some shape.

For now, I just wanted to say Hi, wish you all a very Happy Christmas holiday (and 2020!) and give a quick update of where my head is at the moment:

What to focus on?

As you know, my big focus on yoga slowly faded once I posted most of the yoga ramblings I wanted to write about in this blog, and also took a step back in the instayoga world. All this was already explained in the post Reasons behind the silence.

Yoga is beautiful and I still love it, but it is such a visual practise that I don’t have the energy (neither want the social media commitment) to keep up with all the regular pictures it requires in order to bring something of value to an audience.

I don’t aspire to be the next super-trendy yogi either, so I’m at peace now with the idea of enjoying yoga for myself and at my own pace, without feeling the need to stop and take photos to share it to the world.

I do thank those who decide to share their yoga journey publicly, as there are some very inspiring pages out there. I just didn’t want to be one of them, maybe I’m too easily sucked in to the world of social media and I don’t think it does me good long-term.

So, yoga question clear.


But I still had an itch for doing something wellbeing-related.

Especially after attending an event last year called “Young women in Business”, where a number of amazing female entrepreneurs with their fascinating companies inspired the hell out of me. That day was a before and after moment, and revitalised my inner desire to follow my passion again, like they did, and continue exploring the world of health and wellbeing.

After doing a year course on Counselling at the London Gestalt Center in 2014-15, I knew that was not something I wanted to pursue as a career. I didn’t fancy to become a Yoga teacher either, but I kept my senses awake enough to attend a number of open days and free webinars on anything and everything that sounded vaguely interesting to me.

In the end, I decided to study a Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.

That was last September, only four months ago, and I must say that so far, I’m very happy with my decision.

Since I still have my full time job in Digital Advertising and I’m in to rush to leave it, the nutrition course is all about learning and enjoying, with no further pressures for now.

Eventually, I know I would like to dedicate my life to something more meaningful and contribute to make the world a healthier/happier place, making of wellbeing the new normal. Making “Wellbeing Mainstream“. (Yep, that’s my strapline!)


How to communicate?

Okay, what do we have so far?

So I know I like the world of nutrition and lifestyle, and looks like I’m on the right track with this course. Check.

I also know I love communicating about the things I’m passionate about (you can also call it, “annoying preacher”). So how do I best share all the new things I’m learning about?

My first thought (and action), was to create a new Instagram page destined to gather all this content. But again, I’m in between two minds about Instagram… I already closed my yoga page for some time due to mixed feelings coming from this platform.

As I explained in “Reservations about Instayoga and 3 yogi-types I unfollowed“, people’s feedback on social media can be quite addictive in a negative sense. Not to mention the whole business of seeing only the “bright” (aka fake) side of people, comparing ourselves to others, or starve to get more “likes”, while being stupidly disappointed if we don’t.

Despite Instagram is a great platform that opened the world to new levels and brought everyone closer together, even the rich and famous; I’m not so sure that is the platform where I want to spend my time and energy.

I think this blog and other platforms such as my Facebook page, both of them less image-centred, are more aligned to what I’m looking for.

Now, I just need to get my s*** together and start writing more often. Again, since this is just a hobby, I don’t want to over-stress; but at the same time, I don’t want to become complacent (and lazy) due to the lack of pressure. I have lots of ideas in my head and I hope I have the time and energy to get them out there.

Thank you all who have supported me along the way. Many of which (here from WordPress) I actually don’t know in person, so that is even more appreciated 🙂

Okay, end of the post now. I think this is why I don’t write often… (so much for a “quick” update). When I get in the zone there’s no way of stopping me, I hope you are still awake!

Thanks for reading until the end, and have a very Merry Christmas!!

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