3 Favourite podcasts on relationships

I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of podcasts. Especially since I started walking more a couple of years ago,  my favourite “me time” of the day is walking to and back from the work listening to some inspiring conversations.

Here are some of the ones I am the most loyal too, and my favourite ones when it comes to relationships. Relationships are everyone, we can escape them, I find its dynamics fascinating – so here are some of the podcasts I’m the most loyal to:

FYI – Part two of this series will be about my favourite podcasts on health and wellbeing. And part three will cover work and career podcasts.

More on that soon 😉

Where should we begin?

Esther Perel is one of my favourite therapists when it comes to relationships. Her style is fresh, direct, confident and empathic, all at the same time. I discovered her originally from her book “Mating in captivity“, where she discusses and analyses sexuality and relationships in the present time, where society is more individualist than ever and we require our partner to fulfill a role that a few decades ago was done by a number of different people.

The structure of this podcast is actually very original, always featuring a real couple in a counselling session with Esther. The threesome talk and analyse the couple’s challenge in question, with the couple expressing their thoughts and feelings on the matter, and Esther providing some personal insights on the particular issue in hand.

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What healthy couples know that you don’t

Rhoda Mills Sommer is a relationship counselling hero. In her often short and sweet episodes (of no more than 15 minutes), she covers common relationship challenges in a monologue type of way. It has been more recently that she has started to interview other counsellors or authors too.

Her style is direct, clear and truthful. She comes across as confident and authentic, and is happy to challenge her audience making us think about ourselves and our romantic relationship. I really like her crystal clear and direct approach, and my favourite part of the podcast is when she says a very insightful or important quote on the given subject and then she goes “I am going to repeat that again” and then repeats it (no shame, assertiveness 101 oh yeah!) just to make sure we really get the idea. You know, better safe than sorry!

Dear Sugars

Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond make a great pair running this elegant, insightful and honest show. Initially originated from the NY Times column with the same name – Dear Sugars – this podcast (which has now finished, but has looots of episodes online, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes) features all sorts of life dilemmas and subjects, from money to health, but primarily covering relationships, emotions and feelings.

Dear Sugars is a high quality show that is very easy to follow, the presenters start reading a letter from the audience and commenting the situation’s challenges, meanings, pros, cons, ins and outs. They often interview relevant experts on specific subjects too, which add a great extra insight into it.

I hope you enjoy them if you give them a go, and they help you gain insight into your very own relationships as well 🙂

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