3 Favourite podcasts on health and wellbeing

Here is part two of my informal podcast series. As mentioned on my previous post, I’m becoming a big fan of podcasts.

While in my last post I talked about my favourite podcasts on relationships, this list is about my top podcasts on health and wellbeing – so here are some of the programs I’m the most loyal to:

Feel Better, Live more

This was my very favourite podcast for a long time. Dr Chatterjee releases a new chapter on a weekly basis where he speaks to the most interesting guests in the field of physical and mental health. His style is enthusiastic, humble and kind, and the interviews are generally long (+ 60 minutes) and insightful.

Almost each of the chapters has interested me for one reason or another, the topics he covers and his values are right down my street, so I’d say this is one of my top favourite podcasts right now.

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Deliciously Ella

Ella and Matt Mills present this podcast which is now as successful and popular as Ella herself. Despite I originally thought she was the latest trendy “insta celebrity”, the more I’ve listened to her podcast, the more I liked her approach.

She is nice, humble and excited about all things wellbeing, and her podcast includes a range variety of health-related topics (both physical and mental) that I always find interesting and relevant. The episodes are generally well-researched and less than 1 hour, 100% recommended!

Talking Tastebuds

In this podcast, Venetia La Manna covers all things food, wellbeing and conscious living. Seeing it like this, there is no wonder this made to my top-3 list!

Chapters are a bit long, generally one hour at least, but consist of well-researched and insightful interviews to experts on a wide range of nutrition, health and green living topics.

It is great to gain perspective on many of the planet’s challenges at present, as well as to learn more about our own health. These are often achieved simultaneously, as environmentally friendly habits are frequently healthier for us too.

Anyhow, these are my top three! There are many more to be honest… other favourites include:

I hope you find them both entertaining and worthwhile! x

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