3+1 Favourite podcasts on work and career

Hello hello! 🙂

Here we are again with the third and last chapter of this series on my favourite podcasts.

Part one was about my favourite podcasts on relationships, while part two covered health and wellbeing podcasts.

This final post is about my current go-to podcasts on work and career. I got great work ideas from many these, the following programs have definitely inspired and motivated me to become a better professional, both in my day to day job as well as with my side projects.

Squiggly Careers

Helen and Sarah host this great podcast where they cover all sort of topics and challenges we all will face at work at some point. They are also the faces behind Amazing If, an organisation whose goal is “to make work better for everyone by helping people to be their best at work and succeed in a squiggly career”.

I first discovered them when I attended a business event where Sarah did a great talk on “Networking for introverts”, which I found fun and interesting in equal parts. That led me to another workshop on “Values”, as well as their podcast… and the rest is history.

conceptual photo of a headset
Photo by Sound On on Pexels.com

Becoming Better

This has been the most recent addition to my favourite work and self-improvement podcasts. His host, Chris Bailey, keeps it fresh and to the point.

The chapters are short, no more than 30 minutes (which I like) but packed with good content. He either covers the episode himself alone or with his fiancée, or interviews a well-known author to provide the best tips on a given subject. Self-improvement, career, or business are some of the common areas where he provides us with short and sweet bi-weekly motivation.

Beyond the Status Quo

Ran by Avani Miriyala, this is one of those podcasts that discovered randomly and I got to really love. Unlike Squiggly Careers (where I had some background information about the hosts before moving to the podcast), I can’t even remember how I ended up listening to it, but it has now become a synonym of a guaranteed good, insightful time.

Chapters are short and focused, well structured, digestible and very easy to follow. Its presenter comes across as such a nice, fresh and friendly person, whose positivity is contagious too. All in all, listening to this podcast requires very little time and effort, but provides good tips and valuable learning in exchange.

Bonus point (since this is the last post of this series, here is an extra one!)

WorkLife with Adam Grant

I first heard about Adam Grant through his books (such as Give and Take), Instagram page and LinkedIn account. He is all about inspiring people at work and promoting the right values, so if you don’t know him yet, I highly recommend checking him out.


And c’est fini! This marks the end (for now) of my little 3-post-series featuring my favourite podcasts 🙂

What about you? What are some of your favourite podcasts??


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