Hello again! Life and business updates

Hello Hello!

Sorry for the radio silence. Every time I take a while to write in here, I feel that a “normal” post on anything health-related doesn’t cut it, I feel I owe an explanation or something… a quick update.

Maybe this is all just in my head, but somehow it feels like a mini “catch up” before going back to business “as normal” allows me to get up to speed with whoever is reading or following the blog.

Aaaanyhow! So here I am again 🙂

Since last time I posted, at the end of 2020, things have changed a little, or as much as something can change in lockdown times I guess!

In December, I was lucky to spend over 3 weeks in Spain seeing my friends and family, eating amazing food, soaking up the sun and showing off my pregnant belly.

January was very busy building up the baby room, taking antenatal classes and working from home. In order to use up my 2021 annual leave before the baby arrived, I reduced the days that I worked each week. Rather than relaxing, this meant that I had to do my normal job in half the time, which was quite stressful, so much hassle for working “part time”!

February was the final countdown before my due date!! Lots of walks, wrapping up some projects and final preparations before the baby was here.

Finally, last March 6th of 2021, our baby girl Julia was born, filling our hearts with much love and happiness. That month was all about enjoying her, getting to know each other and beginning the journey of motherhood.

Two months in, she is still a cutie, we enjoy every day with her and love seeing her grow and develop.

Life has been busy and exciting, but not everything has been baby-related! I have also done some work on my wellbeing project and have updated most of the pages of this website. Oh yes!

Photo by Vicky Tran on Pexels.com

Go and check it out!

  • The About page has been updated big time, so it has more details and is now more aligned with Lifelong Wellbeing as a business.
  • The Contact page has been created and it even includes a fancy form in case you want to get in touch or book a 15min free consultation call! Otherwise you can use this email hello@wellbeinglifelong.com
  • The Services page summarises what I can offer. I tried to make it as self-explanatory as possible and I really hope it makes sense to any newcomers.
  • Finally, the Testimonials page aims to put together the words of some of my clients and work as a good summary of what I can do for them.

Ooookay, that’s the end of the update. Phew! Now I feel I can continue posting as normal and be properly back to business. I hope I keep being proactive between daily nappy change and feeds.

More posts coming, watch this space! In the meantime, lots of love and happy Spring everyone xxx

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