Your opinion matters! 5 questions for you

Hello everyone and happy Friday 🙂

Things are (slowly) moving forward with the set up of Wellbeing Lifelong between breastfeeds and nappy changes with my darling 3-month old baby.

I have not been as proactive as I wanted with blog posting (despite having dozens of drafts on the go!) BUT I have officially completed all the coaching hours required for me to apply for full membership at the UK Association of Health Coaches. Yaaay!

Before getting on full speed however, I am really interested in learning more about the real needs of people out there, yes that means you reading this, I need your help please!

I’ve created a short and quick survey where I ask five questions related to Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, if you could dedicate 3 minutes to fill it out please and share it with relevant friends and family, I will really appreciate it. What you think is very important to make sure my work really matches your needs.

Aside from helping me understand what matters to you when it comes to your health and lifestyle, you can also opt in to receive the final results once the survey has had a substantial amount of answers to create charts. This is only if you are merely interested in what the overall trends are out there, otherwise no need to tick that box 🙂

These are the five questions, which you can answer following this link: Alternatively, you can also complete it as the end of this blog post.

  • When it comes to having a healthier lifestyle, which are the areas you tend to struggle the most?
  • What is the biggest challenge you experience when it comes to long-term sustainable change?
  • What would be your primary goal for working with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach?
  • What would prevent you the most from working with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach?
  • What else would you highlight when it comes to improving your nutrition and/or lifestyle long-term?

Thank you so much for participating and sharing it with those who you think might be interested on having their say!

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