A little gift for you, Merry Christmas!

As you know, I love learning, reading and watching about health and nutrition (even before completing my Diploma). I also love writing and expressing myself this way so, in time for 2022 (with the always-tricky New Year resolutions), I’ve written a (mini) e-book available to you all for free.

Seven Simple Steps for a Healthier (and Slimmer) 2022!

Oftentimes, motivation and willpower start to run down by the end of January, and that is no surprise, given that relying solely on these qualities is not the best way to achieve our health goals. The reason? It is hard, it is boring, it does not suit your personal preferences and routines.

The secret? Small changes, that are enjoyable.

With these two principles in mind, keep on reading to learn about these 7 effective ways of losing weight and improving your health this 2022.

No diets, no inflexible rules. Just guidance and habits that will take you to the healthier (and potentially fitter!) version of yourself.

Digestible and to the point, now you can access the free booklet for up to date guidance and start improving your wellbeing today.

Access the online version of the guide HERE, or fill out the short form below if you prefer to receive the PDF file directly to your inbox instead.

I really hope you like it and find it helpful to fulfil your health goals on the New Year and beyond 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone and wishing you a very happy 2022!

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

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