A looong overdue update: TO-DO lists and fears

Hi Y’ALL! (I always liked that expression, even if my strong eSpanish accent sounds nothing like flowy American).

Well… what to say? For starters, I just wanted to say Hi because it has been a while since my last update. I always do that, don’t I? Cannot continue posting as normal… After a period of radio silence, I do this update-type post maybe to redeem myself, who knows?

I think it is to go back to zero before re-starting again. So we are all on the same (virtual) page.

And also, it might look like this space is dead, but I have so many plans on the go that I am actually struggling to prioritise, and the level of mental and physical multitasking is scary at the moment…

These are the things I am (or have been) busy with:

  • Working full time 4 days a week (thank God for Fridays off!)
  • Taking care of a toddler whenever I am not working
  • Learning about e-book marketing (more on this soon…)
  • Translating an e-book from Spanish into English
  • Getting my head around how to convert an e-book into paper copies
  • Emergency trip to Spain to see my grandmother in hospital (luckily she is fine)
  • Reading books I’m interested in
  • Watching webinars on Health Coaching
  • Doing a social media and content calendar for Wellbeing Lifelong
  • Watching Love Island (never again, it is so time-consuming when you already have no time)
  • And of course… Socialising and enjoying Summer with friends and family

So much I want to do, not enough time, and also so many fears. Especially related to my side project on Health Coaching…

  • Fear that I am not where I want to be – and doubts about when (or whether) I will have the time, energy and focus to do all the things that I know would bring the project forward.
  • Fear that I might get started but then stop and this lack of consistency will look bad (this is one of the reasons why it takes me ages to start in the first place).
  • Fear that I might finally get started and no one will be interested anyway, and it will all be a big failure and waste of time
  • Fear that the longer I remain on pause, the harder it will be to get back on track
  • Fear that I am wasting money on Health Coaching memberships, insurance and courses and not making the most of them
  • Fear that my lifestyle is not always the healthiest (which brings a whole new to-do list on its own)
  • Fear that the so-called Impostor Syndrome is taking me down
  • Fear that this might not be the best or easiest personal moment to drive my business forward
  • Fear that if I don’t do it now I will lose momentum, and it will be even less likely for it to happen in the future (if it happens at all!)
  • Fear that the lack of action makes me look unprofessional
  • Fear that voicing all these fears out loud makes me sound even more unprofessional

…. and so on.

Phew! Journaling does help to feel better. And coming clean as well.

So this is where I am.

A mix between wanting to do things as best as possible, hence all the planning, reading, learning, webinar-watching, etc. And actually making things happen once and for all: action that content and social media calendar, translate that book into English, finally converting the e-book to a paper copies.

All the rest – full time job, toddler, friends and family time still feel busy, but enjoyable. So may everything continue despite my lack of time… Everything except for Love Island, that is!


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