Easy tips for healthier eating

Christmas time approaches, and with it, all those niiiice looong meals with our loved ones, it is a good time to go through a few tips that work well when it comes to eating healthier without having to do a huge efforts or feel you are forever living on “a diet”. Buy healthy, eat healthy … More Easy tips for healthier eating

“Eating well, a matter of intelligence” by Pilar Senpau

The first time I heard about this woman (Pilar Senpau) was years ago, in the Catalan TV program called Quequicom. The weekly program used to cover different subjects from a didactic-scientific approach, and that week it was about diets and losing weight. Pilar Senpau was the nutritionist of a girl who was trying to lose weight. … More “Eating well, a matter of intelligence” by Pilar Senpau