Eva has been brilliant in coaching me to make small changes to my diet and daily routine – changes which work for me and that I have been able to fit into my busy lifestyle. I am extremely happy that I now have noticeably more energy and I am sleeping way better. Thank you Eva!


I cannot believe how much of a change I have noticed since enjoying personalised Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching with Eva! Not only did she really listen to my needs (without absolutely no judgement) but she made me feel part of the decision-making process so I finally felt like I was the one in control of my diet, exercise and lifestyle – and not the other way around. 

We agreed on 5 steps as part of my personalised health plan and it was really interesting to see how easily they fit into my lifestyle or what extra barriers there were that I hadn’t thought of before. The debrief session was a fantastic opportunity to unpick this further with Eva and work out what could be done differently to make my health plan a daily habit.

6 months on and I am pleased to say that I still follow most of the action steps I agreed with Eva and enjoy a much healthier, and happier, relationship with food. Not only do I eat better and give my body the nutrients it needs, but I don’t feel guilty about the occasional treat or yo-yo between “good” days and “bad” days. Even my attitude towards exercise and my overall stress levels have improved!

It’s easy to think that a bit of a reading online will give you all the answers you need about nutrition and diet but having someone as knowledgeable and friendly as Eva to guide you through it and work out what it actually means for you, on a personal level, is invaluable. I strongly urge anyone who isn’t 100% happy with their nutrition or lifestyle to get in touch with Eva and see how she can help.

Katherine P.