Working Together

At Wellbeing Lifelong we prioritise health improvements that are solid and sustainable in the long term.

This is why our Personalised Health Plans are lifestyle-based. This means that they are tailored for you and you only… your likes, dislikes, preferences and daily routines.

My focus as Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (NLC) is to help you implement positive changes that are easy and natural. Only with a bespoke, slow but steady, approach these wellbeing changes can become lifelong habits – leading to a healthier, happier you.

Personalised Health Plan

Our £120 package includes:

Intro Chat
Let’s ensure your goals are aligned with my capabilities as a NLC.

Questionnaire Analysis
The aim here is for me to ensure I understand your current lifestyle 100%.

Action Plan
Once goals and lifestyle preferences are aligned, let’s make a plan of action.

Debrief Follow Up
How did the plan go? Enjoyable, horrible? Time to tweak it for success.

How does it work?

  • First, let’s have an Introductory Chat! Then, you will have opportunity to tell me all about your current habits and future health goals by completing our comprehensive NLC Client Questionnaire (we can do this together or you can share it with me once it is ready).
  • After that, we will go through all your answers together in the Questionnaire Analysis session to make sure any doubts are clarified and I understand 100% what your current diet and lifestyle looks like. Yes, it is all about you. This will ensure the Action Plan suggested is bespoke and sustainable long-term.
  • Next, it is my turn to do the homework. Once I know your health goals and habits, I will go away, analyse, interpret all the information and come back to you with a Personalised Action Plan. This tailored plan combines your goals, routines and priorities with my skills, knowledge and experience as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (NLC). Together, we will agree on the best suggestions for you to try on for two weeks.
  • Finally, we will evaluate the initial results and your feedback in our Debrief Follow Up appointment. Based on how easy or hard the plan was for you to follow (and actually enjoy) and the improvements achieved to date, we will tweak it (or not!) to ensure these are not only positive health changes for you, but most importantly, changes that stick forever and become part of the new YOU.

Add On to Package

Extra Follow Up £49
Need more time? Let’s keep improving the Personalised Step Plan until it becomes second nature.

Nutritics Report £30
This software-based PDF will show you the micro and macronutrients you are currently consuming.

Medical Blood Test Report £TBC
This GP-supervised report will provide you with specific health details based on your blood sample.

Coming Soon – Show your interest!

Fitness buddy
Want to move more but can’t be bothered? Let’s do it together! These Fitness Buddy Sessions will give you 0 excuses not to move your body. A in Accountability!

Groceries shopping buddy
Buying healthier food is the first step to eating a healthier diet. In this groceries shopping session, learn about your choices to make them tasty, healthy and affordable.

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