Writing about what we enjoy, or struggle

It took me a while to actually start this blog. It’d always be in my mind, but I didn’t want to start something I was not ready to commit to. I have enough “obligations” in life to just add another one – “why would I put that pressure on myself?” I thought.

There is also the self-doubt “Who am I to preach anything?”, “Is it going to look pretentious or arrogant?”, “Am I just going to be ridiculous?”, “Who actually cares about it?”

The thing is that… what comes easy and natural to us is focusing on what we enjoy in life. What makes us feel good, happy, fulfilled.

That could be everything and anything, and normally it is a number of things. Partying with our friends, discovering the cultural offer within our city, working on growing our business, growing a family and discovering parenthood, exploring food and recipes, travelling around the world… It depends on factors such as age, our personality, our family, our present and past experiences.

In my case, I think that what has always come natural and effortless to me is an interest in health and well-being. It is not that I’m a crazy healthy person, but what I enjoy, what makes me feel good with myself, happy, fulfilled… is to (try to) have  a healthy, clean, happy lifestyle.

Discovering yoga early this year helped to actually find a nice link between a healthier body and a healthier mind. And I think that is what has triggered this whole little adventure…

All dreams deserve to be pursued at least once

Likewise, however, I have observed and realised how our life struggles also end up shaping our interests somehow. As well as being attracted to what we enjoy, we are (even more) attracted to what gives us answers, comfort, acknowledgement, solutions to our struggles and sufferings. That is different for each person because each person has a different story.

And again, yoga was key for me to help me sail through some challenges at the time. Life challenges are inevitable anyway, so it is empowering counting with some new tools to ease the discomfort.

In my particular case, I enjoy learning, reading and talking about well-being for the mind and the body – and I currently get that through yoga, food and relationships. I love writing and expressing ideas too. So I hope keeping this space alive won’t be an “obligation” or “something ridiculous”, but a place to communicate, to exchange, to help, and to connect with other people with the same life interest/challenges.

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