Welcome to Wellbeing Lifelong!

Oh hello! I’m here again and it’s not been 6 months like last time, win!

In this post, I wanted to explain a bit more about what Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is and introduce you to the name and concept I chose to develop this new project – Wellbeing Lifelong.

Yes, that means a sad good-bye to my beloved BeLikeYoga.com – but let’s be honest, this blog was becoming more about wellbeing in general and less about yoga in particular. I still love and practise yoga, and will always do, but since I enjoy it as an amateur, I thought it’d be best to rename the site with a more relevant name that also relates to my new Diploma and, who knows… future professional path?!

However, I will keep writing about it now and then, and you will be able to read all the yoga-related articles here. Plus, this site will always be accessible as belikeyoga.wordpress.com, as well as wellbeinglifelong.com.

So… What is ‘Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching’ (NLC)?

After a few “elevator pitch” practises while doing the Diploma, I ended up finding that the best way for me to define what NLC involves is to simply break it down in small pieces and explain each of them.


One of the main areas of focus as a NLC is, of course, nutrition. While we are not officially dietitians, we have the knowledge needed to help with your food and nutricional goals. This goes from making sure you are getting as many nutrients as possible from the food you eat, to support with weight gain or weight loss targets, or to simply help you achieve healthier eating habits that align with your preferences, routines and cooking skills.

…and Lifestyle…

Lifestyle here involves habits we would normally need to live a healthy life. As well as the food that we put into our bodies, there are other essential factors when it comes to health and wellbeing. These include sleep, movement, stress and toxins. All these areas have a direct impact to your lifestyle, and optimising the ones where you think you could do better at is key to become the healthier version of yourself and, most importantly, to feel better within your mind and body.


Finally, the coaching part. To me, one of the most significant ones. Quite often we all do know the theory, we know what we should be doing, but we struggle to make it happen. The coaching hat of the NLC means we will walk alongside you. Change is not easy and it is essential to have someone by your side helping with advice, tricks and tips to adapt the path for you, and making sure the way of reaching your goals suits your personality, including the ups and down.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

My focus and mission as NLC

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, my ambition is to help my clients become the healthiest version of themselves. My work and values are focused on prioritising solid, long-term change as opposed to quick but momentary results, by teaching and supporting my clients to implement the health improvements they always wanted, but struggled to achieve.

My overall focus is therefore to ensure my clients gain the knowledge and skills linked to their health goals, which they can implement in their own routines and adapt to their own personalities in order to become – at the very least – a healthier of themselves. And for these changes to last for the rest of their lives based upon our work together.

I hope this post served as a ‘first chapter’ into this whole new adventure. I hope Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching makes better sense now and, most importantly, I hope to keep sharing my path with you all. Thank you for being there.

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